Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are we doing what we are called to do?

2 Timothy 3:16
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

The other day I was reading a post on facebook. The discussion was on the Bible and religion.
I was shocked to see how many people think that the Bible is just a book.
Yes, it's a book, but as the verse states, it is inspired of God.

Some commented that maybe we should do away with the Old Testament because we don't live under the law anymore. It was just a bunch of stories that somebody made up.  The Old Testament is history. We can learn a lot from it. We don't need to get rid of it. We need it. If we didn't, I don't think it would be included in the Bible

I don't understand everything in the Bible. I don't think anyone is supposed to understand everything in it.  We have to trust and believe that it is the truth. How many times have you had a scripture on your heart, but could only remember a few words and you couldn't find it?  I looked on internet the other night for the scripture used here and couldn't find any matches for what words I could remember. But I picked up my Bible, asked God to help me and found it in a few minutes.

I may not understand it, but I believe it is true. I believe it is and was inspired of God. It is for us to read and study. It shows us how we need to live. It shows us how to treat others. It tells us of God's love for us. It is the history of the world, and it tells us what is coming in the future.

I believe we are called to go out and tell others about Jesus. He says so in the Bible. Jesus said we are to go out into all the world and spread His word.

I know I fail at that. I know there are many times I have an opportunity to talk to someone and I don't.
But the Lord is forgiving and gracious to us.

Even when we don't deserve it.

Dear Lord, Thank you for your many blessings. Thank you Lord for your word. Without it we would have no guide to live by. Thank you for inspiring the authors of the Bible and giving them the words to say. Give me boldness to go out and  spread your word. Forgive us when we fail you and do wrong. Lead, guide and direct our steps in the way you would have us to go. 
In Jesus name I pray


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  1. I love the old testament :) It has some of the best 'stories' and it's really interesting.