Saturday, September 15, 2012


I went to an outdoor concert today. It was at my daughter in laws home church.

Such a beautiful day, to be out, with a soft breeze blowing.

The gospel group Heirline performed. The leader of the group has an AWESOME testimony.
Here is a man, who had a very poor childhood. They weren't rich in money, but rich in love.
He was made fun of because he was poor. His mama was a deaf mute, she was struck by lightening when she was young.  They lived with his aunt and her family in a 3 room shack.. He had cardboard in his shoes,.

Yet they had faith in the Lord.  His aunt made sure he went to church. He started singing when he was 2. He says his mama never heard him sing.

He is a married man now, with 2 sons , who sing with him. He has major health problems. The doctors gave up on him twice, recently. They didn't think he would live. But there he was, up on a wagon for a stage, singing today!

He has astronomical hospital bills. If I had half that many, I would be in a deep depression. But there he is, smiling, happy, singing and praising the Lord.
That, my friend, is FAITH!!!  That is believing in an almighty God. A God who can handle anything.

With all the struggles he has had in lfe, with the poverty and bad health, he should be a basket case.
He should be blaming somebody for his misery. He should blame his mama for the childhood he had. After all, that's what some people do..

But he hasn't. He is proud of his life. He praises God for his struggles. He knows that God is in control and that God loves him. He knows his mama loved him. He knows that no matter what his life has been like, God has his hand on him. He knows that whatever happens to him now, if he doesn't make it through the next obstacle in this life, he will be in a better place. He will be in the presence of his Lord, his God. He will get to sing for his mama, and she will hear him. And all the struggles he has faced in this life will be over.

I'm sure he has his moments of doubt and fear. He is human. But I believe he has the faith to overcome. He knows that God is there for him and with him. 

Hebrews 11:1  Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Check out Heirline on You tube.

God Bless,


  1. Oh :( Bless him. Most of us get upset and think the world is ending bc of a fight or something not going their way. This poor guy.

  2. God bless him! And bless you Kathy for sharing his story of Faith!! His story and his faith put things into perspective, in other words...this is a huge eye opening moment :))
    I can see him shining the love of Christ through your words.
    Thank you for posting :))