Friday, October 5, 2012

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace.. how sweet the sound...that saved a wretch like me...I once was lost... but now I'm found...was blind but now I see.

 A dr had told me 5 years ago I had cataracts. But he said that I was too young to have them and it was no big deal, no hurry to have them removed.

I was at the point that I couldn't see anything out of my right eye. My left was not much better. When you scare yourself driving because you can't see cars coming at you, and you don't drive much at night because of  the glare from headlights, life gets very limited.
I went for years, feeling like I was looking through a dirty, scratched piece of plexiglass.
If anyone had really known how little I could see, no one would have gone anywhere with me.

Living by yourself means that if you go anywhere, you drive yourself. I was at the point I tried to go nowhere unless I just had to. I went around sad for years because my vision was so bad. Only because God was watching over me did I not wreck and injure someone else or even myself.

I went to a different eye doctor. He took one look and said we were gonna remove them and that age had nothing to do with it. Some people are  born with them. And if you had ever had an injury to your eyes it could cause them.

Yesterday I had them removed from my right eye. I was so scared because I just knew it would hurt. I was wrong. No pain. And when it was over.....I could see clear!!!!!!!!

I came out of that surgery room with a HUGE smile on my face. And I have been smiling ever since!

I went for post op visit today. They checked my vision. The dr asked, you do know you were legally blind in the right eye before don't you? I hadn't thought about that.But only one day after surgery I have 20/25 vision in that eye.  And it will get better. I actually can't wait for him to remove the one on my left eye in two weeks. Because if I can see this good with one, just imagine how I will see with two!

I'm seeing things now I hadn't seen in years. The beautiful fall colors, the bright red color of my little nieces hair, the blueness of her eyes.
 The dirt and cobwebs in my house..........

That is the same way as spiritual blindness. We see through a dark glass, a dark or cloudy lense. We don't see how great our God is.

We have an awesome creator. He made a way for us to have salvation. He loves us, cares for us, protects us.

I love my Lord!!!!!! I want to praise him for healing!!!! I praise him for giving people the knowledge and the expertise to do things to help us to feel good and to see!!!!!!
I want to praise and thank him for grace!!!!!! I am not worthy on my own, but I serve one who makes me worthy of his love, of his mercy and his grace.

Please listen to this beautiful video.....
Amazing grace how sweet the sound...........

God Bless,

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